We have incorporated the most essential automation prerequisites of the diamond industry. Our company has a sought-after and Quality approach to the diamond manufacturing business. Our prime objective is to become a reliable associate for our clients by offering them standard diamond Scanning and other services. We are proactive, enthusiastic, and professional in our approach. We offer projection of turning a rough piece into a precious gem. We have a dedicated team of professionals that can add well-defined luxury to your possessions.

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Our professionals have vast experience and understanding of the diamond precision and polishing to deliver perfect results. We have integrated the latest technology that helps us to render 3D images and graphics of diamonds to facilitate decision-making.

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We deliver the most promising diamond scanning services to our customers. We are capable of handling multiple diamond scanning, detection of inclusion services with absolute accuracy. We have formulated unique diamond scanning measures to deliver outstanding services.

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We specialized in diamond scanning and testing services with our Scanning edge machines. This helps us in evaluating and assessing the diamond quality and facilitates our customers with valuable content. With our lab-grown diamond scanning services, we make sure that the investments made by our customers will be a worthy decision.

diamond scanning, multi-step Diamond Scanning, Diyora& Bhanderi Corporation.


It is the most versatile service offered by our platform in which we test the diamonds string by string. We have valuable diamond scanning virtuosity and the essential equipment to deliver the best quality gem for a rough piece. Our testing units are proficient in providing multiple scanning to the diamonds.

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Other than the diamond scanning, we also provide verified services to our customers with a detailed description report of the diamond.